Sidelines Jewelers-Florence-Customer Service Nightmare

Rogersville, Alabama 0 comments

The service I received, from the owner no less, was reprehensible. I purchased a bracelet at this store and returned it when I noticed the workmanship was poor and the bracelet was coming apart. When the owner looked at the bracelet, she agreed that the workmanship was poor. When asked about replacement or repairs, she told me she would contact the manufacturer to see if they were willing to do anything about it. She never offered to replace the bracelet nor did she apologize for selling me an inferior piece of jewelry. She then had the nerve to tell me that the cost of the repairs were "not coming out of my pocket!" I was completely shocked at the rudeness and lack of service.

A few weeks after this, a few girlfriends were shopping for birthday gifts and mentioned this store. I relayed my experience to them, and they shopped elswhere. In a tiny town the size of Florence, word of mouth goes a far way to enhance or discredit a business. I must say that Sidelines provided me with some of the absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced. On a happier note, I called the manufacturer of the bracelet, reported the incident, was given an apolgy, and received a new bracelet in the mail!!!! They even apologized on behalf of Sidelines.

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